It’s important to pay close attention to any signs of termites in your home since an infestation can cause serious damage to your house. Let’s take a look at how to know if your home is threatened by termites.

Flying Termites

This is typically one of the first signs of termites in your home. Flying termites are called swarmers. Swarmers leave the nest to find a mate and begin a new colony. Almost all types of drywood termites swarm after it rains.

After termites swarm, they discard their wings. Piles of insect wings near doors and window sills are a sign that termites are starting a colony in or around your home. 

Noise in Your Walls is One of the Signs of Termites in Your Home

Did you know that termite soldiers are known for banging their heads against walls to communicate?

You may hear clicking sounds inside your walls if you listen carefully. Any time the colony is in danger or disturbed, the soldier termites start shaking their bodies and banging their heads against the wood. They do this to warn other termites that danger is near. Tap on the wall and listen for noises. 

Are Your Doors & Windows Hard to Open?

Don’t assume that only hot or damp weather causes windows to stiffen or doors to warp. This is another one of the common signs of termites in your home. Termites produce moisture as they eat through the wood in your home. Wood warps due to the combination of moisture and the tunnels created as termites move through door and window frames.

Is it a White Ant or a Termite?

Some people believe they’re seeing a white ant when looking at a termite. Termites are similar to ants in terms of size, shape, and even behavior. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you might be looking at a white ant, because there aren’t any white ants. Here are some of the main differences between ants and termites.

  • Termites look translucent and have a creamy or white color.
  • Termites have antennae that are straight.
  • Ants have antennae that are bent.
  • Ants have a waist section that is thinner than that of termites.
  • Flying termites and ants both have two sets of wings. Both wings on a termite are the same size. Flying ants have one set of wings that is larger than the other set.

Termite Droppings are Signs of Termites in Your Home

You’ll notice termite droppings if you have a termite problem in your home. These droppings are called frass, and they look like piles of coffee grounds or sawdust. Termites push frass out of small holes located close to their nest’s entrance.

If you see any of the above signs of termites in your home, call a home inspector specializing in termites immediately.

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