If you’re relocating, you’ll want to let important businesses and agencies know your new mailing address. Make a checklist of important people and places to notify of your change of address.

Notify the Post Office of Your Change of Address

The first place you should notify is your local post office. Request a mail forwarding form on your next post office visit, or fill out the form online. The post office will forward mail from your old house to your new address. It is valid for about a year and gives you plenty of time to update your mailing address with other services and companies.

Insurance Companies

Inform your insurance companies about your new address. Health, life, and car insurance companies need your address to send insurance cards and other correspondence related to your account.

Government Agencies

Notify the IRS about your change of address so that you receive important tax documents and refunds if you choose to get paid by check. If you use Medicare or Medicaid, tell them about your change of address so that there’s no delay in renewing your coverage or receiving your insurance cards.

Utility Companies

At least a few weeks before moving day, call all the utility companies to notify them about your new address. Schedule your current utility services to be turned off the day after your move. When preparing for your move, set up utility services for your new address on the day prior to your move-in date.

Update the DMV with Your Change of Address

You will have to change your address on your driver’s license. Some states allow a one month grace period from the time of your move to change the address shown on your license. Check your local DMV’s website or call the local office for more details.


Inform your current employer or your HR department of your change of address. Even if you are changing jobs as part of your move, your current employer will need your new address to send tax forms the following year.

Inform Schools of Your Family’s Change of Address

If you have kids and are changing school districts, notify the school’s administration when the district transfer will take place. If you are staying in the same district, update the address so you will continue to receive correspondence from your child’s school. If you attend a college or university, let the administration know about your new address as well.

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