Cleaning Up Your Closet

Many homeowners struggle with cluttered and disorganized closets. Clutter makes it difficult to find what you need and contributes to stress. If you have messy storage spaces filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories, here are some tips to help you with closet organization.

Closet Organization: Declutter

To make closet organization easier, being by decluttering the space. If you have clothes and shoes that you no longer use, move them out of the closet. Throw away damaged pieces, gather items in good condition in a box, and donate them to a local thrift store or charity.

Separate Daily Wear from Seasonal Items

Only store items you regularly use in your closet, especially if you have a smaller space. This makes your wardrobe more functional for day-to-day use. Since many of us don’t have enough room to store out-of-season clothing and accessories, remove these items from the closet.

Keep seasonal clothes in plastic storage bins in the basement, attic, or garage. If you don’t have extra storage space elsewhere in your home, put the container of out-of-season clothes on a top shelf of your closet or store it under your bed.

Organize Your Clothes

Another practice that helps keep your closet neat is to assign spaces for different types of clothing. For example, sweaters are often misshapen when placed on a clothes hanger. Instead, fold and store them in baskets. It’s better to hang some types of clothing, including tops, dresses, and trousers. Look for other storage solutions for jeans and accessories.

Develop a system to sort your clothing. You might group the pieces by color or type. Having a plan makes your closet more organized and functional.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

If your closet has free space on the walls, install hooks, clips, or small shelves to store some of your belongings. You can add hooks to hold belts, handbags, scarves, and jewelry. You might also hang a shoe rack on the wall. Over-the-door organizers are another option. Use them to store shoes, sweaters, or accessories.

Other Options for Closet Organization

If space allows, add a small chest of drawers to your closet. This piece of furniture is great for storing socks, jeans, shoes, and accessories. When using the floor for organization, purchase or build a shoe storage rack. These are inexpensive additions that keep your shoes neat and easy to find.

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