One of the most popular reasons to build a new home is that you can choose amenities and features to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. If you’re planning to have a home built, it may be challenging to decide what is most important for your new build. Talk with your contractor about features to customize your new home.

Customize Your New Home With Smart Technology

If you live a busy life, choose features for your home that help you save time in your day-to-day routine. Installing smart-home technologies in your house will ease the burden of some tasks. Your options include lighting, appliances, and a thermostat that can be controlled by your smartphone. Invest in a home security system with smart alarms, doorbell cameras, surveillance cameras, and door locks that operate via an app.

Extra Rooms

A bonus room is a popular request when building a new house. Additional living space will enhance your lifestyle. For instance, a media room or home theater with surround-sound speakers, dimmable lights, and a large TV are ideal if you love movies. You may add a yoga studio or gym if you enjoy working out.

Add a Mudroom to Customize Your New Home

A mudroom is a great feature to include when building a new house. The mudroom is inside an entrance door and provides an alternative to a traditional coat closet. Have your contractor build a functional mudroom with cabinetry, benches, and coat hooks. The mudroom provides a place to hang jackets and umbrellas and remove wet or muddy shoes before coming into the house.

Laundry Room

For ease and convenience, have the laundry room installed on the same floor as the bedrooms. It is a lot easier to wash, fold, and put away clothing when the laundry appliances aren’t three floors down. The laundry room in your new home should have an interrupted supply of hot and cold water. It should also accommodate the size and types of machines you’re planning to purchase.

Customized Built-Ins

If you like staying organized, have your contractor include customized built-in. Options include window seating or benches with hidden storage, and shelving units in the living room, bedrooms, and even the hallway of your new home. Entertainment units are another built-in option for the living room to provide adequate space for your devices and electronics.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Use some of the space on your land to accommodate a patio, backyard garden, or deck. Outdoor living spaces allow you to enjoy the landscape and spend time outside, away from television and computer screens. Personalize your outdoor space to include a comfortable place for lounging, space for your grill, and a dining area.

Customize Your New Home With an Expanded Garage

Allocate adequate space for your garage when building a new house. The garage should be able to accommodate your cars, plus some area to store the lawnmower, tools, and bicycles. Have your builder add a few extra feet in the garage for plenty of storage space.

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