Winter means more time inside your home, and what better way to spend that time than improving your living spaces? As one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, the bathroom deserves attention. You achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space by making easy bathroom updates. Here are six do-it-yourself improvement projects any homeowner can tackle.

Bathroom Updates and Improvements Easy Enough to DIY

1. Replace the Faucet

Exchanging an old, outdated faucet for a more modern option improves any bathroom. There are plenty of finishes to choose from, including bronze, brushed nickel, silver, or brass. Before shopping for a new faucet, measure the distance between the installation holes to ensure a proper fit.

2. Install a New Showerhead

Showerheads make a difference in the look and functionality of your bathroom. A rainfall showerhead adds a chic, spa-like touch, while a handheld option provides a versatile shower experience. From LED lights to water-filtering showerheads, you’ll find a fixture that meets your needs. Upgrade to a water-saving model to help save money on your water bill.

3. Repaint Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re not ready to replace the bathroom cabinets, give them a simple facelift by repainting. Sand the surfaces and wipe them clean, then apply a coat of paint. Make sure to choose a high-quality paint to withstand the moisture and humidity in the bathroom. A crisp white paint job makes the bathroom look bright and clean, while navy or gray adds a modern, trendy touch.

4. Bathroom Light Fixtures: Easy Updates

Light fixtures have a major impact on the overall feel of any space. Replace outdated or inefficient fixtures with new ones, choosing a style that fits well with the rest of your bathroom décor. Install LED bulbs near the mirror for getting dressed in the morning, and add a dimmer switch to manage the lighting and control the room’s brightness.

5. Add a New Mirror

A well-placed mirror will improve the bathroom by making the space feel larger and contributing to the room’s aesthetic. Choose a framed mirror for a more traditional bathroom or a simple frameless option for a more contemporary feel. To add personality to the space, shop for an antique mirror in consignment shops and secondhand stores.

6. Easy Updates and Improvements: Install Bathroom Storage

Storage can be an issue in smaller bathrooms; installing shelving or a medicine cabinet helps alleviate the problem. Floating shelves allow easy access to towels and toiletries while keeping the rest of the space open. A medicine cabinet offers storage for items to maintain a clean countertop.

Use the cooler months to make DIY improvements. You’ll achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom. These simple updates impact your everyday life, making your morning routine easier and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

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