When purchasing a new home, one of the most important steps is finding the right home inspector. A home inspection provides insight into the true condition of the house, so you know what you are really buying. You will get a better idea of the expenses required to maintain the home from the inspection report. You may find out about problems that you didn’t know were in the house. This article explains what to look for when choosing a home inspector.

Ask for Suggestions When Finding the Right Home Inspector

Your realtor will probably have recommendations for home inspectors with whom he or she has worked before, but you aren’t required to go with one of the suggestions. It’s also advisable to ask your friends and family members who have recently bought homes about their experience with the home inspection. If someone you know highly recommends a home inspector, start a list and do a little more research.

Read Reviews

Check to see if the home inspection company you are considering hiring has any online reviews. If the inspector’s online reviews are consistently positive, this is a good sign. People may say that the inspection report was thorough and easy to read, that the inspector was friendly and willing to answer all of their questions, and that the company has a high level of professionalism. All of these traits are important for a quality home inspection experience.

Finding the Right Home Inspector With Credentials

Check the home inspector’s credentials to verify that he or she is qualified. The inspector may have specialized certifications in specific types of inspection and testing services, like radon and mold. Look on the company’s website to see if they belong to any trade associations, which usually require them to take continuing education courses to keep their membership.

Experience Matters

It may not be the best idea to hire a home inspector who is brand new to the industry. You may be better off choosing a professional who has an extensive background in the construction or real estate field. Ask the inspector about his or her background when finding the right home inspector.

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