As we approach the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, it’s a great opportunity to take care of essential bi-annual home maintenance tasks. From ensuring your smoke detectors are functioning to checking the HVAC system, there are plenty of chores that keep your house running smoothly. Taking an hour or two on the weekend can save you time and money in the long term. Let’s look at some tasks to tackle during the time change.

Essential Home Maintenance Tasks: Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Testing your smoke detectors regularly is essential, and Daylight Saving Time is a great reminder. Replace the batteries every six months; any smoke detectors older than ten years should be replaced altogether. When you’re installing batteries, use new, high-quality batteries.

Check the HVAC System

If your home has an HVAC system, it’s important to check it for problems after working through the winter. Replace the air filter and make sure the vents are open and operating. Remove dust or debris from around the vents. Additionally, schedule a professional inspection to ensure everything is running as expected.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

The gutters and downspouts on your house can easily get clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris from winterstorms. Making time to clean out the gutters can help prevent water damage to your roofing materials and walls. If you can’t clean your home’s gutters, hire a professional company for the task.

Home Maintenance Tasks: Check Windows and Doors for Drafts

Drafty windows and doors can cause energy efficiency issues in your home. Check each window and door for air leaks. You may need to replace the weatherstripping, fill gaps with caulk, or have the windows or doors reframed.

Inspect the Basement or Crawlspace for Water Damage

If you have a basement or crawlspace in your home, check for water damage caused by winter rain and snow. Look at the walls and floor to detect moisture buildup, and make sure the gutters outside are clear.

Reorganize Storage Spaces

Take time to reorganize your storage spaces to be neat and functional. Clean out closets, attics, and garages of clutter and create a system for storing items. Use bins and shelves to organize your belongings and verify everything is easily accessible when you need it.

By tackling essential home maintenance tasks, you ensure your house remains in excellent shape for many years. A few hours after work or on the weekend will allow you to clean and reorganize and help prevent any major repairs or replacements.

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