There are certain items that every household should have to keep the occupants safe. Review this list of home safety essentials and add the ones you don’t already have in your home.

Home Safety Essentials for Fires

One of the most devastating things that can happen to your home is a house fire. Protect your house and your family in case of a fire with these essentials for fire safety. Install smoke detectors on every level, place fire extinguishers in key areas, and make sure the upper floors have escape ladders for the windows.

Protect From Burglaries

There are a variety of home security devices to help protect your home from burglaries. If you travel a lot, you will benefit from a smart security system that lets you view your home remotely from a smartphone.

If you are usually at home, exterior motion-sensor lights and strong deadbolts may be all you need. Either way, you’ll want some sort of defense against burglars.

Be Ready for a Disaster

You never know when a disaster will strike. You may need to evacuate your home quickly or be stuck inside for days with no power. Always keep a disaster kit on hand with basic supplies for your family and pets.

Include water, non-perishable food, medications, pet supplies, cash, flashlights, batteries, a solar-powered radio, phone chargers, and important documents. Add anything else you can think of that your family uses daily.

Home Safety Essentials to Take Care of Injuries

A first-aid kit comes in handy for a minor cut or to tend to a serious injury while you are waiting for an ambulance. Stock your first aid kit with bandages, medications, burn and itch cream, antibacterial ointment, tweezers, gauze, and medical tape. Take stock of its contents and replace them as necessary.

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