How much does a home inspection cost?

Home inspections vary in price. It’s like buying a car, there are multiple options to select from: do you want standard wheels or upgraded wheels, do you want a remote starter or a back-up camera. Home inspections are much the same. Do you want a termite inspection? Is the home located in an area where you need radon testing? Does the home have a basement or a crawlspace?

Are there separate buildings on the property such as a garage or a shed. Is there a swimming pool? These are separate structures, so they are not included as part of the “home inspection fee” unless you request them to be added and inspected.

So, the price can vary depending on:

  • the services you select, the size of the home,
  • the type of foundation,
  • inspecting additional structures on the property if requested?

There are many more options.

In general, most home inspection cost are based on the size of the home. Large homes larger fees, small homes smaller fees. Fees at AAA Pro Inspectors begin around $399 and that’s for a 1,250-sf ranch style home. The inspection for a 5,000-sf house begins at $699.  There are more general breakdowns below. There are increments between the fees provided below. The below pricing are just general markers.

Square Feet       Inspection Fee
Up to
1,250 sf              $399
3,000 sf              $499
4,000 sf              $599
5,000 sf              $699