Part of life as a homeowner is cleaning the gutters. It takes time, effort, and tools. If you let leaf debris and shingle detritus build up in the gutters, you’re going to run into problems. Clogged gutters can send water cascading down the siding of your home and cause soil erosion and other water damage to your property. Neglecting the gutters is ultimately more costly than keeping them clean. Here’s a brief guide on how to clean gutters efficiently and safely.

How to Clean Gutters Efficiently

While it may not be anyone’s favorite job, cleaning gutters doesn’t have to take the whole day. If you’re willing to invest in some tools, you’re well on your way to clean gutters efficiently.

Some helpful inexpensive tools to help with the task are a small garden trowel, a bucket, and a tarp. While you can scoop out the muck from the gutters with gloved hands, a shovel will help you avoid any sharp, exposed edges. A bucket gives you a place to contain the muck you remove from the gutters. You can also put down a tarp to avoid making a mess in the yard.

To make the job even more efficient, you can use a pressure washer with a specialized gutter-cleaning attachment. These telescoping wands use a concentrated jet of water to flush away the gutter debris without you ever having to set foot on a ladder.

Safety When Cleaning Gutters

The proper placement and usage of a ladder is the most important tip when learning how to clean gutters safely.

  • Position the ladder on even, stable ground and lean it carefully against the side of the home at an angle so the base of the ladder does not shift.
  • Consider using a ladder stabilizer for an added measure of safety, especially if the home is tall with high gutters.
  • If you’re using a bucket, make sure to have one that is designed to attach to the ladder.
  • Keep at least one hand and both feet on the ladder at all times.
  • Have a spotter standing by to help if you need it.

Cleaning the gutters regularly is vital for home maintenance. Hire a professional to clean your gutters if you are not equipped to complete this task safely.

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