Power outages are inconvenient for your family, but you can make the situation manageable with the right preparation. Whether you are expecting a storm or want to be prepared for the unexpected, here are eight things you should do to prepare for a power outage.

Keep Flashlights Handy

Make sure you have several flashlights and extra batteries ready. Store them in strategic locations around your home, such as near the door or next to the bed. It’s also a good idea to have a flashlight for each family member so everyone can navigate the house safely in the dark.

Stock Up On Non-Perishable Food

Keep a supply of non-perishable food in your house in case you are stuck without power for an extended period. Non-perishable foods might include canned goods, energy bars, peanut butter, and other items with a long shelf life. If you have an outdoor grill or camp stove, stock up on charcoal or propane.

Invest in a Generator to Prepare for a Power Outage

If you live in an area prone to power outages, it may be worth purchasing a generator for your home. A generator provides power to keep your lights and electronics running even when the power is off. Before using one, read up on safety protocols, as they can be dangerous if not operated properly.

Prepare for a Power Outage with a Backup Charging System

If you rely on electronic devices for communication or work, make sure you can charge them when the power is out. Portable battery packs and solar chargers are great ways to keep your devices powered up even during an outage.

Unplug Electronics When the Power Goes Out

Unplug electronics and appliances connected to your outlets when the power goes out. Unplugging the devices will protect them from power surges that could damage them when the electricity is restored.

Check Your Home’s Emergency Lighting System

Many homes have emergency lighting systems that kick in during an outage. If you have one, make sure that the batteries are fresh and that all of the lights are working properly.

Gather Important Documents When You Prepare for a Power Outage

If you are preparing to evacuate during a storm or other emergency, make sure that you have all of your important documents gathered and ready to go. This should include birth certificates, insurance papers, and other legal documents.

Power outages can be frustrating, but with the right preparation, they become more manageable. Remember these tips before the lights go out, and you’ll be ready to weather any storm.

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