When buying a new house, you want to know that you’re making a good investment. Hire a home inspector to assess the property so you have a report on the condition of your home with more information about your purchase. Your inspection report will detail defects, hazards, and safety concerns. Some home inspectors are using technology to enhance the results of the inspection. Here are a few reasons to choose a professional who uses thermal imaging in inspections.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to “see” heat signatures. In a home, these differences in temperature can reveal things undetectable by the naked eye. An inspector will see colors displayed on the infrared image showing areas of potential concern that require a closer look.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras can identify different types of problems in the home, such as:

  • energy loss
  • moisture intrusion
  • overheating wiring or circuits
  • missing or damaged insulation
  • pest infestation
  • flue leaks that might lead to carbon monoxide issues

Let’s look at some of these issues so you will better understand the importance of using thermal imaging in inspections.

Thermal Imaging in Inspections can Reveal Roofing Leaks

Thermal imaging can help locate leaks or moisture in the home’s roof. To the naked eye, saturated areas might appear normal. However, the thermal imaging camera will display a different color for the moist area than it shows for the surrounding dry material.

An infrared camera can also help pinpoint any moisture or leaks behind the interior ceilings and walls of the home.

Missing Insulation

Any area in the attic or behind walls that’s missing insulation will show as a cooler temperature on the thermal image. Missing or inadequate insulation is impossible to see with the naked eye but can be found with the use of infrared images.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems will show up as warm areas when scanned with a thermal camera. These are serious safety concerns that should be fixed by a professional before they cause a house fire.

Energy Efficiency Issues can be Detected with Thermal Imaging in Inspections

You’ll face higher utility bills if your home isn’t sealed properly. It will be difficult to keep the house warm during the winter and the air conditioning unit will need to work harder to stay cool during the summer. Cracks and gaps are easy to spot in a thermal image. The camera will show differences in temperatures around windows and doors so you know where to better seal your home.

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