A basement upgrade can tremendously benefit your home. Unfinished basements are dark and gloomy, so they are often only used for storage. A basement remodel provides you with more livable square footage and increases the value of your home. While basement upgrades are an expensive investment, they are worthwhile. Here are some basement upgrade ideas to get inspiration for your project.

Basement Upgrades for Lighting

Lighting is essential for any basement. Many basements only have a bare bulb hanging from a wire. Replace basic lighting with more decorative fixtures. Recessed or track lighting offers excellent general lighting, but accent fixtures like pendants and sconces make this area feel more like home. Also, add some tabletop and standing lamps to make the basement more comfortable.

Improve Flooring

Your basement floor is most likely nothing more than a concrete slab. It may even be a dirt floor that you might choose to pour concrete over to upgrade it. There are several options for your basement makeover, ranging from staining the concrete to adding tiles or vinyl floor materials. Carpeting is a poor option for basements because it is not waterproof. If the basement leaks or floods, the carpeting will absorb the water and cause mold to grow.

Add Some Fresh Paint

Lighter colors on the basement walls can make the room appear larger and brighter, but you can still get creative with colors. Use your neutral-hued walls to highlight vividly colorful artwork with track lighting.

Basement Upgrades to Open Up the Floorplan

When remodeling a basement, an open floor design will make the most of the available space. Open up the area by removing walls to create one large room.

Add Some Decor

Mirrors strategically positioned will not only make the room look larger, but they will also brighten the space by reflecting light. If the basement has windows, add window treatments that complement the space.

Declutter Your Basement

Cleaning and organizing your basement will make the space more comfortable and orderly. Because some people use even a finished basement for storage, it can easily get cluttered. Keep storage in closets or a contained area with neatly stacked bins.

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