Whether you’re running a business from home or just trying to be more productive during the work week, carving out a space dedicated to your job can make a big difference. Setting up a productive workspace can feel daunting. However, with a bit of imagination and some strategic shopping, you can create a functional home office in any area of your home.

Determine What You’ll Need for Work

Consider what kind of workspace will best suit your needs. You might need a large desk to spread out paperwork or blueprints. Perhaps, you need a smaller area to work on your laptop. Decide what furniture and supplies you’ll need to be your most productive. Once you know the size and function of your ideal office, you can find the perfect space.

Find a Space to Create a Home Office

A spare bedroom is an ideal space to create an office. Place the desk by the window and use bookcases for storage. Purchase a comfortable and supportive office chair, and add the furniture you’ll need, whether a printer stand, filing cabinet, or a table and chairs to chat with clients.

If you have an unused walk-in closet, that could be the perfect place to set up shop. Add a small desk, a few shelves, and organizational accessories, and you have a workspace that is out of the way but still convenient.

If you don’t have a spare closet, repurpose an unused dresser as a desk by clearing off the top. Use baskets or bins to store office supplies nearby. With minimal space, install the computer monitor on the wall to free up more space on the desktop.

Create a Home Office: Use What You Have

Don’t feel you need to invest in all new pieces when furnishing your new office. If you already have a table that’s not being used, that could make a great desk. And spare chairs around the house can easily be repurposed as well. Get creative. Use a storage ottoman as a side table and turn a small bookshelf into a printer stand. You can create a budget-friendly office that looks chic and pulled together.

Add Good Lighting

No matter where you create your office, it is essential to install good lighting. Positioning the desk by a window allows you to take advantage of natural light. However, having different sources of illumination is best for your eyes. Use a combination of overhead fixtures, tabletop lamps, and floor lamps to brighten the workspace.

Whether you have an extra room to dedicate to an office or are repurposing another space in your home, taking the time to design a functional and stylish office will pay off in increased productivity. Be creative and use what you already own whenever possible to design an office that meets your needs.

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