Fall means colder months are on the way, so take steps to keep your home warm and comfortable. These fall housecleaning tasks help tidy the living spaces and remove dust and dirt before winter. Here are a few chores to prepare for lower temperatures and spending more time indoors.

Tasks for Housecleaning in the Fall

1. Clean the Windows

As the cooler months approach, remove dust and dirt that blocks natural light. On sunny days, open the curtains to allow sunlight to warm your home, saving money on heating and lighting costs. To prepare for fall, wash the windows inside and out and check for leaks that allow warm air to escape.

2. Clean the Gutters

During the fall, gutters accumulate leaves and debris. Clogged gutters overflow, leading to water damage when rain seeps beneath your roofing shingles or behind the siding. Remove leaves, twigs, animal nests, and other debris. Check for damage to the guttering channels. Watch for cracks or areas with rust and make repairs before the weather gets cold.

3. Deep Clean the Floors

Dirt, debris, and allergens accumulate on carpets, behind furniture, and under beds. Move furniture out of the way and vacuum thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, and pet dander. Have the carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, or rent a carpet cleaning machine to do the job yourself. You’ll improve indoor air quality and enjoy cleaner flooring.

4. Declutter and Organize During Fall Housecleaning

Another essential task for your fall cleaning checklist is decluttering and organizing your house. Go through the closets, bookshelves, cabinets, and cupboards, and remove things you no longer want or need. Donate or sell the belongings taking up valuable space in your home. Store seasonal items you won’t use in the coming months, such as garden tools and lawn equipment, in the garage or a storage unit.

5. Replace the HVAC Filter

You’ll rely on your heating system during fall and winter to keep your home comfortable and warm. Proper maintenance of the system ensures its efficient functioning. Replace the filter with a new one and remove debris accumulated on the unit. Have a professional check your HVAC system for mechanical or technical issues and make necessary repairs before the weather gets cold.

Prepare for the colder months with these fall house cleaning tasks. Your home will be ready to keep your family warm and cozy when temperatures drop. A few easy chores help you feel prepared for fall and winter and spending more time indoors.

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