Tips for Better Home Security

Maintaining a safe home is a high priority for every family. We want to protect our loved ones and our belongings. Because safety is important, finding ways to improve home security is a common goal for homeowners. Here are a few tips to boost security that will offer you peace of mind that your home is safe and protected.

Customize Your Home Security

Every home is unique. To boost security, take into account the specific needs of your property.

For example, a home in a rural area with a long driveway will benefit more from a driveway alarm than from a doorbell camera. Homes with a lot of landscaping might include targeted motion-sensor lighting. By better-illuminating bushes and shrubbery, you prevent intruders from trying to hide there. Think about what is unique to your home and how you can use it to your advantage.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Package theft is becoming more common and sometimes break-ins are perpetrated by fake contractors. To improve home security, it’s helpful to get to know your neighbors. Being aware that the family across the street is expecting a plumber or the next-door neighbor is having a roof installed is useful information. Neighbors who look out for each other are critical for preventing crime.

If you have hired a contractor for repairs on your property, let the neighbors know. If you have guests arriving at a time when you’re not home, spread the word so the people in your community aren’t alarmed by an unfamiliar vehicle. Communicate with the homeowners in your neighborhood and encourage them to stay in touch with you.

Smart Social Networking to Improve Home Security

Vacations and work trips are exciting. You see interesting places, try new restaurants, meet people, and visit old friends. You’ll want to share your experiences on social media. However, for home security, it’s best to keep your absence from home private. Posting a daily countdown to vacation or sharing photos while you’re still away is a sure way to let thieves know that your house is unoccupied. Wait until you return to post travel photos and talk about your trip online.

Security Using Technology

It should come as no surprise that technology can play a big role in home security. Smart home features improve every year as technology gets better. You might install smart cameras that alert your phone when activity is detected. Add lighting throughout your house that you can control with a mobile app. Power on lights, even while you’re away, to create the illusion that someone is home.

There are simple, affordable options to improve home security so that your home and your family are always protected.

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