Now that you have finished building your dream home, you’re excited to move into a brand new property with no problems or repairs needed. At least that is the expectation; after all, your home is brand new. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s possible for there to be issues with your newly constructed house. This is why it is important to order an inspection on new construction. Here are reasons to hire a professional to inspect your home before you move in.

Builders Can Make Mistakes

You probably did a lot of research before you selected the reputable and experienced builder who constructed your home. However, builders rarely complete a project on their own. In most instances, they hire a subcontractor to tackle some parts of the construction. The subcontractors also bring a crew to help out.

Because of so many workers on the job, mistakes can be made and may go unnoticed. Even when your builder does everything by the book, they can still miss errors made by other teams onsite. This is one reason why it’s important to order a new construction inspection.

An Inspection on New Construction Saves Money and Time

Order an inspection before moving into your new home. By identifying small problems early, you’ll save time and money. For instance, an inspection might uncover issues like a leaky roof or plumbing problems. These are items that need to be dealt with so the problems don’t become worse. Having the builder make repairs will save a lot of money and time down the road.

The best thing about identifying these issues early is that that the repairs won’t be your responsibility. Instead, problems that are discovered before you move in will be repaired on the builder’s dime.

Inspection Guarantees that Your New Property Meets Standards

With a new construction inspection, you can check that the contractor and subcontractors have done their jobs correctly and the house you are about to move into has no safety violations. Imagine moving into a house where the electrical system was not wired correctly. Without an inspection, you may only discover issues when the appliances or light fixtures start malfunctioning.

The importance of a new construction inspection can’t be overemphasized. Make this your first step after the builder has completed your home. An inspection is the best way to be certain the home is well-built and safe for you and your family.

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