If you recently found a home that you are interested in buying, you will need to schedule a home inspection to learn about its condition. Hiring a certified home inspector in your area is the first step. A home inspector performs a thorough examination of the house. You’ll receive a report of all of the systems in the home. You might find some of the following issues in the home inspection report:

1. Roof Damage in the Home Inspection Report

The roof is one of the most critical parts of a house. A durable roof is necessary to protect the house from all sorts of weather conditions. Home inspectors access the roof with a ladder and will walk the roof to inspect it when it is safe to do so. There are also ways to see signs of roof damage from the inside of the house, like moisture and rotting in the attic and stains on the ceilings. The home inspection report will indicate whether the roof is at the end of its lifespan or just needs some repairs. Ideally, the report will describe a newer roof in excellent condition.

2. Electrical System Faults

Faulty electrical systems are one of the most dangerous fire hazards in a home. Electrical problems may result from low-quality wiring and equipment, water damage, and damage from pests. The home inspection report will have detailed information on electrical components, like the circuit panel and outlets. The inspector will test the system and report on the materials used and any issues found.

3. Plumbing Issues Will Be Documented in the Home Inspection Report

While water is necessary for many daily activities, it can be a homeowner’s greatest enemy. Plumbing issues can easily go unnoticed until a thorough inspection is performed. Some signs that indicate a plumbing problem include leaking faucets and pipes. At the very least, these problems will raise your water bills and could be a sign of other more serious plumbing problems within the home.

4. Heating and Cooling System Problems

The HVAC system is important to keep your family comfortable and to keep the building materials of the home in good condition. A home inspection report will provide details about the HVAC system’s functionality. The inspector will test the heating and cooling system and inspect the components. Some faulty system indicators include rust around the unit, broken ductwork, or a malfunctioning thermostat.

5. The House’s Structural Integrity

Your inspection report will point out concerns that could lead to compromised structural integrity. Issues like foundation cracks, rotting joists, and improper grading may lead to bigger structural problems.

You want to know about any issues in a house before you close the deal. Your home inspection report is instrumental in understanding the home’s condition and preparing for future repairs and maintenance. Many buyers include a home inspection contingency in their offer, so they can negotiate if the home inspection report brings concerns to their attention.

If you are purchasing or selling a home in Kentucky or Southern Indiana, contact AAA Profesional Home Inspectors to schedule a home inspection.