When you’re putting your house on the market, a pre-listing inspection gives you useful information about the property. Here are a few of the reasons to order a pre-listing inspection when selling your home.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection to Find Problems with Your Home

If you have been living in your home for many years, chances are there are some issues you don’t know about. There may be loose siding that you haven’t noticed, or because you don’t go into the attic, you may not realize the attic fan is broken.

A home inspector will assess each visible and accessible aspect of the property and note any problems and concerns. You can then make repairs or choose to disclose the issues and let the buyer take responsibility for the improvements.

Manage Repairs Within Your Timeline

If issues are found during the pre-listing inspection, you will be able to address them on your own timeline. Hire contractors to make repairs or tackle easy fixes yourself. Because there is not yet an interested buyer, you aren’t rushed to get the work done.

Being able to handle projects at your own pace means you can shop for a contractor you like and you won’t have a deadline set by the buyer to complete repairs or updates.

Gain a Buyer’s Trust

Buyers are eager to own a home of their own. If you have ordered a pre-listing inspection, share a copy of the report with the buyer. They will appreciate the information and may choose to forego an inspection of their own, which can speed up the sales process. Sharing the inspection report helps a potential buyer to see you as a more trustworthy seller with whom they will want to do business.

A buyer who feels confident about their purchase is likely to make a solid offer. Especially if the report shows no major issues, a buyer will trust that the property is a smart investment.

Negotiations are Easier When You Order a Pre-Listing Inspection Report

When you know the condition of the house, it’s easier to set a fair asking price. After the inspection, talk to your real estate agent to choose a price based on the problems with the property and the repairs you’ve decided to make.

With repairs handled and an inspection report in hand, the buyer will have less room to haggle. Even if the buyer chooses to order their own inspection, you’ll be prepared with current information about your house. With no major issues or concerns, it’s not likely the buyer will ask for a lower price, which means fewer surprises ahead of closing.

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